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Meet students where they are.

How It Works

Rhymes with Reason uses clean lyrics from popular songs to engage students in learning vital literacy skills. Teachers can track student progress and create custom units to further focus student learning. RWR also provides teachers with a guide that includes off-screen enrichment activities.

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What Our Teachers Are Saying

I was not disappointed when I had one of my students who is quiet, but so smart sit in front of Rhymes with Reason and engage; write his own verses, record his own rap...When a child learns to be excited about education, and they want to follow the thread of knowledge wherever it goes, their options in life are endless. Thank you for helping them find the start to what could be the beginning of the longest thread of their lives. It is so appreciated by this educator.

Rianne Delgadillo
Rantoul City Schools Dist. #137 at Broadmeadow Elementary
Behavior Interventionist
I have been teaching for 11 years, and I have never found a vocabulary program that aims to engage students as much as Rhymes with Reason
Elena Samaniego
Laguna Creek HS
9th Grade Teacher
The Rhymes with Reason program provides students with invaluable experiences to expand their vocabulary knowledge. It not only integrates music that students enjoy, but it also connects new vocabulary with several essential reading skills. Every student should explore learning new words with this innovative approach.
Chonita Walker
(Chance the Rapper's nonprofit)
Secondary Literacy Support Specialist


Terms and Conditions
Rhymes with Reason does not use, or reference any explicit or suggestive content in the lyrics featured across the program. Our content is most age-appropriate for students in middle school and older. Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind, Music Licensed by BMI, ASCAP & SESAC.
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